Educational Sport Tours



Gullivers Sports Travel is pleased to launch their new and exiting Educational Sports Tours to South Africa.

These are tours that are designed with the unique social, cultural and environmental characteristics of the destination visited in mind and are aimed at maximising the experiences, learning potential and personal development of each student involved.

We are pleased to confirm that our tours are designed working alongside businesses that are certified by Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa,   which is a non-profit organisation initiative that certifies tourism businesses for operating according to the principles of ‘fair trade’ – democracy, respect, reliability, fair wages and working conditions, respect for human rights, culture and environment to name but a few. 

You can, therefore, be confident that by taking part in these new tours, that you are contributing directly to helping impoverished communities in South Africa.

Do you feel the need to ‘give back’ to the communities you visit on tour? Do you wish to interact with local people and learn about the story of life within South Africa?  Do you wish to support local people who may not be as fortunate as yourselves? Do you wish to inspire your students to support others?

If so, then these are the tours for you.

Educational Sports Tours

Types of Educational Sport Tours