Argentina sports tours

Argentina sports tours

If your sports team is up for an adventure this year, why not follow in the motorbike tracks of the great revolutionary, Che Guevara on one of our Argentina sports tours?

Well – we’d hope you wouldn’t exactly get up to anything revolutionary, but the odds are stacked in favour of a once-in-a-lifetime experience if you choose a Gullivers sports tour in Argentina.

Whether you want to play football, rugby, hockey, cricket, tennis, golf or basketball, we can arrange a sports tour to perfectly match your team’s requirements.

The people are full of passion for football as fiery as the South American sun. Just watch the streets empty in time for kick-off on a match day for their national team.

And with Argentinian rugby on the rise, we can arrange some great fixtures with opposition perfectly pitched at your team’s level.

Cricket is also coming on in leaps and bounds in Argentina, thanks to the efforts of the National Cricket Association. Explore the idyllic settings of St Georges and the Hurlingham Club for perfect playing venues.

Take time to explore the rich tapestry of European and native culture, sample steak to die for, or learn tango in the Paris of the Americas, Buenos Aires.

You’d be hard pushed to find a more inspiring destination for your sports tour than Argentina. Trust Gullivers to take you there.