Tailor-made basketball tours in Canada

Basketball is extremely popular in Canada with the Toronto Raptors firmly established in the NBA. Basketball tours to Canada can be arranged nationwide for all ages and standards. The professional season takes place between October and April so travel during these months in order to watch an NBA match at the Air Canada centre in Toronto.

  • The Capital: Ottawa

    Direct Flying Time: Approx 10 hrs from UK

    Passports: Recommend 6 months validity from departure.

    Time Difference: GMT –8 hours

    Airport Departure Tax: There is a $CAD15.00 airport improvement tax payable for some international departures from Vancouver

    Currency: $CAD  

    Main Language: English. French

    Water: Tap water is safe to drink.

    Electricity: 110V AC60Hz. Adapter needed.

    International Dialing: 1

    Driving: Right hand side of road. Full license needed & local permit is required.

    Clothing: Warm clothing required for their very cold winters.

    Visas: Not required for British Citizens – British Subjects do require visas

    Vaccinations: Please consult your G.P. Hepatitis A, polio, tetanus & typhoid is recommended.

    Tax & Tipping: Customary 15% gratuity

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