Far East Sports Tours

Explore our options for sports tours in the Far East, for a trip that’s as much of an exciting challenge culturally as it is on the pitch.

With a great standard of competition across a range of abilities, more and more teams are considering China, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India and Japan.

If you’re seeking out-of-this-world cultural experiences in sunny climes, our Far East sports tours could be just the ticket.

The universal language of football is widely spoken across the region, with hockey being a firm favourite in Malaysia. Rugby is rising up the ranks in Japan, while India and Sri Lanka maintain their struggle for first position at the top of the cricketing leader board.

South East Asia offers the opportunity to experience some of the most spectacular places in the world. A ten day tour, exploring Malaysia and Singapore, invites you to enjoy excellent year-round whether, a warm and vibrant culture and a good mix of competitive matches enjoying the best these two beautiful countries has to offer.

As one of the world's most prosperous places - with glittering skyscrapers and a thriving port, Singapore is as majestic as it is culturally diverse. Home to Universal studios, botanical gardens, excellent accommodation and a fantastic array of shopping and activities you’re time here will be jam-packed, fun-filled and exciting.

Equally fascinating is the cosmopolitan city of Kuala Lumpur. Full of character you can get caught up in the action or delve into the culture with a vast array of architectural gems such as the Thean Hou Buddhist Temple.

Whichever country you choose for your Far East sports tour, you’re guaranteed a warm welcome and a kitbag full of memories to take home if you book with Gullivers.


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