Tailor-made football tours in Sweden

In Sweden football is the most popular sport with around 3,200 clubs and over 7,900 pitches throughout the country. Despite being a fairly small country population-wise, both the men's and women's national teams have enjoyed relative success in the past.

Travel to either Gothenburg or Stockholm for your tailor-made football tour. Local opposition will give you a warm welcome off the pitch with games played in a good natured yet competitive spirit. If you are looking for something a little different for your team, then Sweden is definitely worth considering.


The Gothia Cup is one of Europe’s leading junior football tournaments with over 35,000 players from 1550 teams, representing 72 nations, participating each year!

The atmosphere surrounding the opening of the Gothia Cup is electric, enough to make you shiver with excitement. It’s a memory you’ll remember and smile at for the rest of your life. More than 50,000 players, coaches, supporters and locals create a magical atmosphere at Ullevi Stadium. There are nearly 500 dancers, 10 musicians and 15 solo artists accompanying this great culture mix. Together they create an amazing show. You may also find yourself reflecting and find out that Gothia Cup is much more than just football.

  • The Capital: Stockholm

    Main Language: Swedish, English, German

    Direct Flying Time: approximately 2 hours and 25 minutes 

    Time Difference:

    From Mar to Oct - GMT +1
    From Oct to Mar - GMT +2

    Electricity:  220V AC 50Hz

    International Dialing: + 46

    Driving: Driving is on the right. National licence required. Minimum driving age is 18. As a tourist a British driving licence is permitted

    Currency: Swedish Krona (SEK 1 = 100 Ore)

    Clothing: Mediumweights for summer, heavyweights for winter with rainwear required all year round

    Emergency Services: Police, Fire & Ambulance: 112

    Tipping: A service charge is usually included in the price. Tips for taxis are around 10%

    Passports: Passports must be valid for the period of intended stay.

    Visas: Holders of British passports endorsed "British Citizen" do not require visas.

    Vaccinations: Please consult your G.P. to check entry requirements.

Turnford School - Football

  • The tour met all our expectations.  Gullivers provided a comprehensive service making it easy for us to enjoy our tour.  The whole experience was enjoyed by both staff and student throughout the week.  The students developed in their football, social skills, cultural awareness, confidence and team bonding.  Fantastic tour - I think we'll book next year too!

    George Demetriou - Turnford School Football tour