Netball Tours in Europe

If you are looking for a trip not too far from home but you still want to experience a new culture, our European netball tours could be a perfect fit. With netball still a growing sport outside the UK, destinations are a little limited, but options are still available to put together a memorable netball tour.

With the chance to spend some quality team bonding time, there is no better way to motivate your squad than with a break away from the regular training routine.

Why not head off to the sunshine in Spain or Portugal to have some warm weather training?  Or go further afield and fly to Malta or Cyprus where matches can be arranged.

Kinder on the budget and your already jam-packed schedule, our European netball tours offer an easy alternative to the more far-flung expeditions that we can tailor-make.

Whether you want to go walking in Ireland’s green and pleasant lands, golfing on one of Portugal’s plethora of fantastic golf courses, or flamenco dancing in Spain, we’ll arrange all of the details so you can relax and enjoy your European netball tour. However, when making your plans it is worth remembering that the European netball season runs alongside the netball season in the UK.