Tailor-made Basketball Tours in Greece

Basketball erupted as a sport in Greece following the sensational win at EuroBasket 1987 in Piraeus, causing true basketball euphoria within the country. Since then, Greek national teams have achieved a number of international successes, causing Greece to join Russia, Serbia, Italy, Spain, and Lithuania, in the circle of the great European basketball powers.

A basketball tour to Greece provides touring teams with so many options – whether you stay in and around the capital, Athens, or venture out to one of the famous Greek Islands, this country has the lot.

  • The Capital: Brasilia

    Direct Flying Time: Sao Paolo is approx 11 1/2 hours from UK

    Passports: Minimum 6 months validity from departure

    Time Difference: GMT -3 to-5 hours depending on region

    Airport Departure Tax: Included in cost of air tickets

    Currency: Brazilian Real

    Main Language: Portuguese 

    Water: Bottled water is recommended.

    Electricity: 220V AC 60 Hz 

    International Dialing: +55

    Driving: Right hand side of road. International Driving Permit is required.

    Clothing: Warmer clothes for south and during winter season. Rainwear advisable

    Visas: Not required for British passport holders

    Vaccinations: Please consult your G.P. Hepatitis A, polio, tetanus & typhoid is recommended.

    Tax & Tipping: Customary 10% gratuity