Tennis tours in Australasia

Whatever your squad’s level or age range, our tennis tours in Australasia are perfect for school, club or university players seeking the sports trip of a lifetime.

So why not head down under to the home of Leyton Hewitt?

Plan your trip at the time of the Australian Open to see the professionals in action, and take some pointers for your own game.

With fantastic sports facilities and an excellent level of opposition available to all abilities, our Australasia tennis tours offer the ideal setting for upping your game and increasing confidence in your ability.

And if you’re travelling all the way to Australia or New Zealand, don’t miss the chance to take in some of the spectacular sites the continent has to offer.

From the natural wonders of Rotorua in New Zealand and Uluru in Australia, to the manmade marvels of the Sydney Opera House and the ski areas surrounding Queenstown, New Zealand, you’ll have plenty of team bonding time off the court as well as on.