Australasia Sports Tours

If you can find a slot in your hectic schedule, our sports tours in Australasia are well worth the journey.

Proud sporting nations on the world map, the Aussies and Kiwis are a real force to be reckoned with across a wide variety of sports. So if you’re serious about upping the ante this season, the southern hemisphere is the ultimate destination.

Don’t miss the chance to explore all that these stunning countries have to offer, from Aboriginal and Maori culture to eye-popping wonders like the Sydney Opera House and Rotorua.

Why not make the most of your journey with a few fixtures on one of their stunning South Pacific neighbours: Fiji, Samoa or the Cook Islands? Take the chance to soak up the clear blue seas and lounge on alabaster beaches as a reward for your team’s sterling efforts on the sports field.

With seasons making a mirror image of those in the northern hemisphere, our Australasia sports tours are perfect if you’re looking to play outside of the regular sporting seasons.



Sports available in Australasia