Kenya sports tours

Kenya sports tours

If Africa is on your mind, our sports tours in Kenya could be just the ticket for your team getaway this year.

Whether you want to play rugby, hockey, football, netball or cricket, captivating Kenya provides an out-of-this-world, inspirational setting for any sports tour.

Staying and playing in one of Kenya’s beautiful country clubs, in between fixtures you’ll have the chance to explore Nairobi, spot the ‘Big Five’ on safari in the Masai Mara, and discover a myriad marine life off the coast at Mombasa.

And if you're as serious about meat-eating as you are about sport, a trip to the world famous Carnivore Restaurant is an essential addition to your Kenya tick list. With the chance to tuck into just about any animal under the sun, you'll have to try very hard not to eat so much that you can’t play the following day!

Why not make the most of your long-haul flight with a multi-stop tour? We can arrange a combination sports tour for you, taking in South Africa, too.